EMMA MAERSK by PapaFoxtrot

EMMA MAERSK by PapaFoxtrot


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EMMA MAERSK by PapaFoxtrot

At nearly 400 meters in length, the Emma is the longest container ship in the world. Besides being the longest, she also has the world’s largest diesel engine producing nearly 110,000 horsepower.

She carries over 11,000 containers from China to Europe every seven weeks, with stops in Africa and the Middle East on her way. Emma’s first captain, Henrik Solmer, said that piloting her is a fantastic feeling and “what younger people would say is cool.

About the Product
Built 2006 • length 397 meters • capacity 11.000+ containers • top speed 25.5 knots • crew 13

This model is 40 x 6 x 8 cm, painted wood and metal
Contains small parts; not suitable for children under

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